Could Falling Coconuts Or Flying Coconuts Kill You?


Here from the Dominican Republic, we’ve got plenty of coconut palm trees. They add charm and character to the shores they fringe. They are frequently portrayed on tourist post-cards and appear as an inspirational background in so a number of the pictures shot. Regardless, tourists tend to be told to not sit under the coconut trees to prevent the falling coconuts which may prove poisonous. You will also see signs that read, “Beware Of Falling Coconuts.”

You’ll also see groves of coconut palm trees growing in agricultural areas as a cash crop to market locally and also to export. A single coconut palm may create between 50 -150 coconuts each year along with the Dominican Republic is among the big exporters of fresh coconuts.

With this in mind, I have seen questions like the next posted all over the net:

1. Can falling coconuts kill you?

2. Could flying coconuts kill you through a hurricane?

3. Do people actually die from falling coconuts?

I really don’t wish to seem like an alarmist but the brief answer is “yes” to all 3 questions over.

Before I explain further, I wish to mention Punta Cana, the very popular tourist destination in the Dominican Republic, is frequently known as “The Coconut Coast.” This is due to the fact that the entire 30-40 mile stretch of the Punta Cana shore is lined with end sculpted coconut palm trees. As an eco-tour operator, I often take Punta Cana guests outside daily trips to neighboring Saona Island which can be lined with coconut palms, so I am confident that you could understand my interest in this subject of possible dangers because of falling coconuts and flying coconuts.

There was a peer reviewed scientific research done in 2002 to ascertain the physiological harm because of being struck by a coconut when sitting under a coconut palm tree. From the academic newspaper to come from the particular study, Dr. Peter Barss, a Canadian doctor, reported two deaths and many severe cranial injuries on account of the consequences of falling coconuts. A few of those cranial injuries were severe enough to knock out people and set them in a coma. He had been very familiar with these instances because he was employed as a physician from the tropics for decades and treated many patients who’d been struck by coconuts Coconut Juice.

By Dr. Barss’ research, it had been calculated that when a coconut palm tree is 25 meters tall (greater than 82 ft tall) plus a two kilogram coconut (that is 4.4 per pound coconut) drops from this elevation, as it leaves effect it’d hit at a rate of 80 km per hour — which is roughly 50 mph! Some coconut trees make to be 35 meters tall (roughly 115 ft tall). No wonder that a falling coconut could kill or severely injure you!

Therefore, what about flying coconuts picked up with a hurricane?

Well, think about this. A mere Category 1 storm has sustained wind speeds of over 74 mph! A Category 5 hurricane has sustained wind speeds of over 155 mph! It is not a challenging deduction a coconut flying in this rate might kill you if it hit you in the skull.

Take this: 155 mph is the identical rate of a very quick Andy Roddick tennis function and I have seen superb tennis expert Roger Federer duck on these! Rather than a soft small tennis ball barreling in you, imagine what a stone tough 4-5 pound coconut missile can do if you did not duck in time!

This explains why soccer helmets are occasionally inserted to hurricane preparedness kits from the Caribbean. It never hurts to guard the skull through a tropical storm. It’s also the reason you ought to always heed the directions provided to you on the best way best to choose proper cover in a hurricane warning! Make sure you steer clear of windows also because these coconut projectile missiles can quickly mess through the glass.

From the tropics, you will frequently see street work crews and land owners picking up coconuts if a hurricane is predicted to hit. It’s intriguing to consider something as scenic as the gorgeous coconut palm becoming really harmful but it can and does occur and you must always bear this in mind.

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